“E-LEARNING PALLANCER”: Your Ultimate Learning Management Solution

Welcome to E-LEARNING PALLANCER, the comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) that transforms education into an engaging journey. With a rich array of features, it empowers educators and trainers to craft and deliver lessons, quizzes, and training modules seamlessly.

Immersive Learning Experience

Dive into three dynamic lesson formats: text-based, video, and captivating slideshows. Real-time questions and answers keep learners engaged and interactive during lessons, fostering deep understanding.

Stay on Track with Real-time Tools

Navigate tests confidently with a live countdown timer. Need to revisit a test? No problem. Retake tests at your convenience, and instantly view results with correct/incorrect answers.

Empowerment through Advanced Assessments

Challenge yourself with advanced quizzes, ensuring a thorough grasp of the material. Experience face-to-face learning from anywhere with Zoom video conferences, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

Unrivaled Video Integration

Harness diverse video sources: HTML, YouTube, Vimeo, embeds, and external links, all conveniently supported. The integrated SCORM functionality elevates your learning, syncing seamlessly with your educational journey.

Customization and Recognition

Craft personalized certificates to celebrate achievements. Rate, categorize, and bundle courses, tailoring your learning path. Manage subscriptions effortlessly, or opt for convenient one-time purchases.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Learning

bbPress and GamiPress integration enriches interaction. Embrace the potential of Google Classrooms. Explore courses, create wishlists, and view instructor profiles for a well-rounded learning adventure.

Embrace Learning, Unleash Potential

Incorporate prerequisites for structured progression. Dive into enticing Udemy affiliate programs. With “E-LEARNING PALLANCER,” testing isn’t a challenge – it’s an opportunity for growth.

Personalized Engagement

Foster connections with private messaging. Navigate your progress through a comprehensive gradebook. Discover the power of engaging demos for effortless content importing.

A Symphony of Features

Unleash your passion for learning with recurring subscriptions, tailored to your pace. Embrace the simplicity of one-time purchases. Curate your learning journey with insightful course filtering and wishlists.

Profiles that Shine

Instructor and student profiles serve as digital reflections of accomplishments. Question banks and diverse question modules enrich your learning, ensuring a holistic experience.

Elevate Your Learning, Empower Your Future

“E-LEARNING PALLANCER” doesn’t just teach; it transforms. Prepare for a future defined by knowledge, innovation, and success, all within your reach


DEMO: E-learning System


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