Maintenance Request Management System for Printers, Photocopiers, and Their Spare Parts.


The program is a Maintenance Request Management System for printers, photocopiers, and their spare parts. The program aims to facilitate the process of managing and tracking maintenance requests for these devices and ensure the efficient and timely delivery of maintenance services to customers.

Program Features:

Maintenance Requests: The program allows customers to submit maintenance requests for printers, photocopiers, and their spare parts when repair or replacement is needed.

Recording Details: The program records request details from customers, such as device type, problem description, and request date.

Visit Scheduling: The program schedules maintenance team visits to address submitted maintenance requests.

Status Notifications: The program sends notifications to customers to update them on the status of their maintenance requests and the scheduled visit date.

Maintenance Status Update: The program enables the maintenance team to update the status of maintenance requests based on work progress and repairs.

Spare Parts Management: The program allows for the registration and management of available spare parts for devices, automatically updating inventory after maintenance is performed.

Maintenance Reports: The program provides comprehensive reports on maintenance status, maintenance team performance, and the availability of spare parts.

Customer Management: The program allows for the registration of customer details and the history of previous maintenance requests to track the maintenance history for each customer.

In summary, the program aims to enhance the performance of maintenance operations and provide excellent services to customers. It aids in improving spare parts and inventory management to ensure their constant availability.

DEMO: MainSystem


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